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Customer satisfaction is our top priority
We are a service oriented company that is positioned to help you become more informed before making life changing decisions.  

Helping customers in Somerset, Pulaski County and the surrounding Lake Cumberland counties choose which products best fits their current lifestyle now and the lifestyle they hope to attain during retirement.

We offer a variety of products to meet your needs! We offer Medicare Products, Income and Legacy Products and Individual Products. 

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Garry started out originally with a local insurance company as a captive agent in the mid 1980's.  Working a debit account going around Somerset, Kentucky collecting premiums and writing new business for the company very successfully.  However, there was something that was missing from the picture, all the time people were asking him for and wanting information on products that the company did not offer.  Garry did not like the feeling of not being able to offer the products that his clients,the people he had befriended, were asking about.

In 1990 Garry decided to go out into the insurance field as an independent agent and thereafter starting his own agency.  During the early years Garry had a small office in the Eubank area of Pulaski County, Kentucky and traveled around to the surrounding counties of Wayne, McCreary, Russell, Lincoln, Boyle counties and wherever else he was called to go. This worked for many years but as his reputation grew with his client base he found him self spending hours traveling from county to county.  He felt that there must be a more effective way to help his clients.

Then in 2000 Garry opened an office in downtown Someset, Kentucky with regular business hours and a staff to help with the work demand.  Garry has been a very accomplished agent from his humble beginnings. Garry is a former member of the National Association of Insurance And Financial Advisors (NAIFA), former president of the Lake Cumberland Association of NAIFA and is very active in community service through his church and office.
Conveniently located on
 408 South Main St. Somerset, Kentucky
(Between The Old Kenwick Hotel and The Pink Building)
Randall Whitehead Jr is a Pulaski County native graduating from Southwestern High School in 2002 and then going on to graduate from Morehead State University in 2007 with a Bachelor's Degree in Management and a minor in Marketing.  He came to work for our office in the Fall of 2008.  Working in both the Medicare and Individual markets.  Randall is involved in many aspects of the community in both Pulaski and McCreary counties.  Randall is a member of the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors, a Certified Social Security Advisor, former president of the Lake Cumberland Region Chapter of the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors.
Garry Greer, LUTCF, Agent, 
President of Garry Greer and Associates Inc.
Randall Whitehead, Agent, 
Office Manager of Garry Greer and Associates Inc., President of Lake Cumberland Region NAIFA